Reducing our impact

We know that our operations have an impact on the environment and where possible we mitigate it.  Our policy and attitude towards the environment applies to all employees and, where possible, partners, regardless of their role or size.  We routinely work with our clients to develop new products and services that reduce their impact too, including reducing or removing packaging, choosing more sustainable products or by choosing alternative solutions altogether.

Five key points of our Environmental Policy are;

  • We integrate environmental factors into our business decisions and operations
  • We comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and any codes of practice that may affect the company’s activities
  • We continually demonstrate a commitment to the reduction of pollution caused by our activities
  • We develop and maintain environmental policies as the company changes in size
  • We optimise and efficiently use resources whilst maximising re-use and recycling opportunities
Reducing our environmental impact

Reducing raw material usage

We have been working hard to reduce our raw material usage from changes in the way our offices work and the amount and type of packaging we use, to the type of products we source.  Since our beginning in 2012, we’ve;

  • Reduced the amount of non-recyclable and ‘difficult to recycle’ packaging material we use
  • Incorporated more recycled material into our packaging, products and stationery
  • Utilised new technology to minimise office paper use, printing and other communications by post
  • Minimised the amount of and use of transport necessary in the execution of our work
  • Boosted the use of fuel-efficient transport, including our own fleet and contractors, to reduce fuel usage and our global carbon-footprint
  • Supporting the use of fully recyclable materials in new client and partner product manufacture and production
  • Encouraged our partners to use less impacting and hazardous production processes
The environment

Recycling & reducing our waste

After doing all we can to reduce our initial consumption, our focus has been and remains the recycling and reuse of the waste that we generate.  We monitor our waste to ensure the maximum amount of waste is recycled and where appropriate, reused.

Levels of recycling within Snell Mitchell & Co.

Reducing our use of new & non-recyclable packaging

Where boxes are received during the purchasing process, if undamaged, are reused during product despatch. Those that are damaged or otherwise unsuitable, are shredded on-site and used as a recyclable packaging alternative to extruded polystyrene.

Reducing waste by product selection

To reduce our landfill waste output, we select as many recycled materials at the point of purchase and encourage recycling by all staff, customers and suppliers. This covers a wide range of products that we use from packaging to computers.

Things we just can't recycle

Waste that we cannot separated for recycling locally, is placed within mixed general waste containers and this is collected. This waste is mechanically separated and a proportion of it is then recycled by our waste processor.

*Based on DEFRA (2015) waste conversion methodology, using collections multipled by container tonnage. ^Does not account for waste contractor recycling after collection.