The Flower House

The Flower House, a florist in Cambridge, have been clients of Snell Mitchell & Co. since 2014.


Initial brief

Designed and launched in March 2014, The Flower House website is the first of two that have been produced for leading florist and designer, Sharon Strath.

Featuring a unique home page and design, the site has been designed to immediately inform the user of the type and quality of flower arrangements you can expect from this award-winning, and nationally recognised florist.

Previous works have seen news and magazine articles about Sharon and her teams feature in the Daily Mail, Home & Garden and countless wedding magazines.

As part of the initial project, the company logo and brand was slightly updated to give it a cleaner finish and to align it with its sister company.


Future works

We are currently planning works for 2018 including a website update, e-commerce channel and social media management.