Onus Technologies

Onus Technologies are a specialist UK-based manufacturer and distributor of beacons and light bars, LED warning lighting and audible warning systems.  Based in Sandhurst, Berkshire they have been trading since 2005 and have won numerous awards for their product range and customer service.


Initial brief

As part of the project brief, they wanted a new image without a re-brand as they were keen to retain their British identity and logo.  To do this we embarked on a totally new approach to their product catalogues, web site and branded literature as part of an in-line branding strategy with their parent company, Sandhurst Group.

The new catalogue featured a totally different colour scheme to previous editions and focused on their commitment to product development and customer service; and their design was harmonised from product leaflets to exhibition invitations and even a corporate video on YouTube to complete their new corporate image.



We also partnered Onus Technologies with its sister companies at the TraffEx exhibition in 2012.  They successfully exhibited as part of a wider ‘A Smart Decision‘ campaign to signal the start of their brand amalgamation.