Dun-Bri Engineering

Since 1989, Dun-Bri Group has been at the forefront of automotive vehicle lighting. Now the business is producing its own wiring looms and assemblies through Dun-Bri Engineering


Initial brief

This project marked the beginning of a series of design assignments from the Dun-Bri Group with the opporunity to work with their Engineering division.  Based in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, Dun-Bri Engineering produces a range of automotive wiring looms, cable assemblies, switching systems and workshop components.

Owing to the experience of some of the team at SM&Co in the specialist automotive and after-market sectors, we were able to meet their requirements exactly for a responsive web site that is designed to invite their potential customers to make contact with them.

The web site also incorporates their previously stand-alone micro-site as distributors of Lite-wire, a revolution in vehicle lighting wiring.


Other works

We currently manage the brand development and all other marketing aspects of Dun-Bri Engineering, something we’ve done since 2012.