Beacon Monkey

A client of ours since 2013, Beacon Monkey retails thousands of flashing amber beacons, flashing LED lights, truck lighting, car bulbs and LED light bars.

They supply products from multi-national companies to end-users and SME businesses across the UK and internationally.


Initial brief

We were awarded the job of designing and managing their brand and identity.  The brief being that firstly they wanted to be a complete individual amongst a sea of similar sounding companies in their sector.  Secondly that they were all about customer service, yet value-driven online-based retailer.

Our response was the creation of the Beacon Monkey name and adoption of the tagline ‘You’ll go bananas at our prices’.  Since then we have gone on to develop their social media and direct marketing campaigns.  This envelopes an array of traditional and modern marketing methodology.

Beacon Monkey web sites

September 2013 saw the initial launch of  Featuring powerful e-commerce technology, the site synchronised with a data terminal installed with the client to automatically update stock; inform customers of despatched items; process invoices and delivery notes and notify the company when their stock is running low on a certain item.

This has evolved through to the 2015 mobile-friendly responsive version with Ebay integration, and through until its acquisition in 2017.

Other projects

In 2017, Beacon Monkey was acquired by our other client Dun-Bri Group, and we continue to manage their social media and all of their marketing output.  We also assisted in the relocation and video marketing detailing their move from London to Hertfordshire.