‘A Smart Decision’ campaign

The ‘A Smart Decision’ campaign was a project for a number of brands under the Sandhurst Group.

These were Onus Technologies, Freight Products, Weedoo Signs, Rennicks Nikkalite and Chevron Warehouse.  Collectively, they are manufacturers, providers and distributors of specialist vehicle conspicuity markings and emergency lighting equipment.


Initial brief

The original project brief was to create a campaign to bring all of the brands and companies together into one customer solution.  The campaign focused around a Smart Fortwo coupe car that was purchased by us and used to showcase their ranges of products.

The ‘A Smart Decision’ phrase was coined using this car.  From this a web microsite, range of printed invitations and branded materials were produced to assist the companies at exhibitions across the UK between 2012-2015.

We also produced a corporate video to show how the brands aligned – you can watch it on our YouTube channel by clicking here.


A Smart Decision: The microsite

The micro-site created serves as a reminder to customers as well as landing page for email and direct mail campaigns for the upcoming exhibitions.  Updated by internal staff and Snell Mitchell & Co. as their agency, it integrated seamlessly into their social media too.


The final outcome

This project expired in early 2016 after fulfilling its potential!