911 Signal Europe

For their European division, 911 Signal chose Snell Mitchell & Co to plan, design and deliver their brand in Europe.   They offer LED lightbars, beacons, LED light heads, traffic directors and more for the amber and emergency services across Europe.

The relationship between Snell Mitchell & Co and 911 Signal goes back to 2005 when one of the directors worked with them as a supplier in a previous business environment.  Between them their trust was carried forward with us when we first opened in 2012.

911 Signal European website

Part of a multi-national company with divisions also in the US and Australia, their head office is based in Ningbo City, China.  They selected our design of a clean, modern layout for their site which is also responsive for mobile devices.

Sections of the site are ‘modular’ so that the user can find what they are looking for quickly, using simple iconic graphics as well as text.  This is ideal for European customers who may not have English as their first language.  The revamp of the website built using WordPress was completed in 2015 and forms part of ongoing consultancy and design works we carry out for them.

Other projects

We have also carried out video marketing, branding and market research projects for them since they first became a client of ours in 2011.  This included work on their Supervisor and Qualcomm LED lightbar products.  Since then they have established a permanent sales office in Paris, France.

The team have also helped them with product consultancy and marketing of their range, as well as at exhibitions in the United Kingdom and United States.  As of 2018 we renewed our service agreement with them for the next few years.