New SUPEE-9767 v2 security patch available for Magento Community

Another new update to the May 31, 2017 Magento 1 security release us now available.  Enterprise Edition, Community Edition, and the SUPEE-9767 version 2 patch address customer registration and other issues encountered by some merchants when using the original release or patch…

Now that these issues have been corrected, we strongly recommend that all merchants upgrade to the latest release or SUPEE-9767 version 2 as soon as is reasonably possible.  Merchants who have already successfully installed SUPEE-9767 version 1, Community Edition, or Enterprise Edition, are still encouraged to upgrade when convenient to avoid any issues.  Note that you must revert SUPEE-9767 version 1 before deploying version 2 to avoid any installation problems.

Download and install the Enterprise Edition updates by logging into My Account and navigating to the version you want to download.  Community Edition software is available in the Release Archive of the Community Edition download page.  See How to Apply and Revert Magento Patches for Magento 1.x instructions on their web site (opens in new window).

Full details are available in the Enterprise Edition and Community Edition release notes on the Magento web site.  The outcome of their latest patch is that they are improving testing procedures, but we’ll wait and see on that…

As always, if you need any help or support with your Magento installation please contact us.


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