Land Rover to unveil new Land Rover Explore mobile phone

So we’re told, the new Land Rover Explore mobile phone is the toughest phone in the world, built to work in places other phones can’t reach…

It might seem odd that a motor marque like Land Rover would do this, but when you look at the world of accessories or as we like to call them ‘successories’ – they’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last.


Land Rover Explore – the story and the spec

The mobile, inspired by Land Rover’s rugged ‘go anywhere’ 4x4s for those with an adventurous spirit, is capable of operating and navigating in extreme conditions for two full days with the screen on constantly.

Battery life can be doubled by using an Adventure Pack that also boosts the reliability and accuracy of the GPS signal and improves the mapping capabilities.  This should be a fly in the ointment to brands like Apple which can never seem to compare on this score.


Land Rover Explore mobile phone launch

Land Rover Explore mobile phone is one ‘tough mudder’…


The ultra-durable phone is powered by a super powerful 4000m Ah battery with a factory fitted screen protector and protective case than can survive underwater to 1.8 metres – including salt water.  It can cope with extreme temperatures from freezing cold to blistering heat, thermal shock, intense humidity and vibration exposure.

Joe Sinclair, the Director of Branded Goods & Licensing at Jaguar Land Rover said, ‘This is the smartphone we’d all like to own – a perfect combination of design and functionality that embodies the Land Rover DNA and enables customers to be outdoors for longer, with the confidence to go further.’

Built for explorers, apparently

We’re told that the full HD five inch screen can be controlled even when wet and with gloved hands and has instant access to weather information and mapping data.  Plus its own in-built compass and SOS light making it the perfect phone for hiking, biking, skiing or off-road adventures.


Land Rover Explore mobile phone launch

Land Rover Explore mobile phone mapping app


The phone is fully compatible with all Land Rover in-car Apps and works as well in the city as it does in the great outdoors.  It is available with hardware packs, including an additional battery and bike mount.


When can I buy it?

Developed by Land Rover and the Bullitt Group the Explore phone with Adventure Pack costs £599 and will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 26th February.  You can pre-register for updates on the launch at


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